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The purchase and sale of a home probably is one of the largest financial transactions one makes in a lifetime and involves a rather complicated process, which includes many steps for both the buyer and the seller. The following outlines the steps involved for both the buyer and the seller:

When it is time to consider selling your home, it is advisable to utilize the services of an experienced Realtor®. Realtors® will assist you to value your home, advertise your home, qualify and screen potential buyers, negotiate contracts and perform many other services that will be valuable to you.

Frequently asked Q & A regarding Title Insurance

Q: I refinanced my home and was required to buy a new lender's policy. This provides coverage to me, right?

A: No. You, as an owner, are only covered under an owner's policy. All of your down payment, equity, etc. is at stake due to perils of title, should any arise. If you are refinancing your property for a substantial amount more than your original owner's policy, you should seriously consider updating your Owner's title policy to cover the new value of your home.


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